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Over the past several years, results from a number of studies have shown that specific brain-builders can enhance online casino real money success. Online casino gamers look for opportunities to expand their successes in their gambling activities and the studies show that reading reviews of the games before entering the casino isn’t enough to boost gaming skills. Gamers should be proactive in creating a more conducive environment to experience more successes in their casino pursuits. This is true for table games such as baccarat, craps or roulette, card games of blackjack and poker, online lotteries and casino slots. Pre-gaming activities should build focusing and centering skills that promote the ability to make the right moves in each individual scenario, build confidence and approach the event with a mindset to win. Some pre-gaming activities that show success with this type of approach include coloring for grown-ups, solving mazes and meditating on cat memes. The coloring and maze activities involve stress-reducing actions that strengthen brain receptors and reality orientation. Coloring for adults, in particular, increases feelings of self-esteem which can then translate into the confidence needed to make and carry through basic gaming decisions. Solving mazes simply stretches cognitive skills so that participants make the best decisions in each gaming situation. Players who want the same kind of results without the work can look at cat memes. Cats are creatures who don’t make mistakes which is the kind of persona that ¬†gamers want to emulate.

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