I like looking at cat memes or other funny cat pics

As much as I like looking at cat memes or other funny cat pics and videos on the Internet, watching our cat Simon and our kitten Bobby in action is even funnier. They are not related: we’d already had Simon for two years by the time we got Bobby – mostly to stop Simon getting bored. Now Simon is a big lazy cat – except where food is involved, then no mountain, ocean or any other obstacle can get between Simon and his food. Bobby, on the other hand, is a hyperactive ball of mischief. I could swear he picked up all of Simon’s bad habits such as stealing food left on the kitchen counter and making a mess of computer cables, but then he also manages to play tricks on Simon himself, stealing his food from under his nose or sprawling on top of him when Simon is having a nap.

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I’m sitting on the couch looking at cat memes. I can hear my own funny cats scuffling just out of sight. I have to be careful whenever I get up to fetch something, because as soon as I get up both Simon and Bobby try to take my spot on the couch, making sure to take up as much space as possible. I try to leave some snacks and my phone within easy reach, but the cats have been known to scatter everything in their path in the course of their boisterous games of chasey.

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When I take a break, the cats are on the carpet right in front of me. I hadn’t even noticed when that happened. Simon is presently holding Bobby down with a paw and licking the top of his head with an expression that clearly says ‘you’re going to be clean whether you like it or not’. I chuckle and return to the microgaming casinos. Now, if I could only find some no deposit casino bonus as well! I soon get my wish when I come across an offer of a no deposit bonus at one of the best online casinos I know, and I enjoy playing there as much as ever. When I’m done playing Simon and Bobby are sitting right in front of me and looking up at me expectantly, waiting to be fed. I smile at them and get up to open their can of tuna.


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