Feeling on-edge after my traumatic day

What a crazy trip. I’m a Traffic Police Officer and usually this means not so much of an interesting day – some speeding tickets, hours waiting in a speed trap with a radar gun etc. But today, this one crazy guy had pretty much the whole force following him down the boulevard at 90 km/hr. He took us around some crazy twists and turns before dumping us off on the side of the road and running into the forest like a madman. Who knows what came next, because while we do have specially trained officers to go after someone like him, complete with scent sniffing dogs, all of us traffic control officers can’t be parking by the side of the road and running after the guy. As for me, I made my report, and headed home.

Feeling on-edge after my traumatic day, I remembered some of the calming mechanisms that had been recommended to us by the psychologist on the force for after a stressful day in the field. They recommend calming the mind, restoring order, and then venturing out into an activity which feels empowering. They have even provided us with a packet of coloring for grown ups, a coloring maze or two, and some mandala-like maze art to give us something calm and relaxing, peaceful to do, and something that will help retrain the mind to structure. I pick out a lovely page, a coloring for adults page titled, McWay Falls. It depicts a beautiful waterfall coming down from a cliffside into as secluded beach cove. They’ve also provided some simple Sudoku puzzles and some normal mazes to help our minds relax and regenerate once we’re fully calm. I pick out a lovely maze in the shape of an automobile, and think idly, hey that Pontiac Trans Am is just the kind of car the perp earlier was driving!

But no matter, I’m home now, stress of the day behind me, and, after calming my mind with the coloring sheets, and restoring order with the maze art with solution, I venture into the realm of my own desire – gaming at some of the top casinos that I know of -all of which are Microgaming Casinos. I play a few hands of Microgaming Blackjack, and then venture into the pokies section to use some of the free spins I receive from the no deposit bonus players get when they sign up at the best Microgaming casinos. I pick out a game called Money Mad Monkey, which I selected because the crazy look on this monkey’s face reminds me of the look on the runaway drivers face this morning during the car chase, and after a few comforting dings of the reels, suddenly, I’m feeling much better…


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