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The game of casino war online is not as well-known as many of the other online casino games but more recently it is becoming more well-known and popular thanks to the many qualities this game offers to its players. Casino war is a game of luck and it is a lot of fun to play. Players are invited to place their initial bet on the game and are then dealt a single card face up. The dealer also receives a single card face up. The highest value card wins the bet. If the cards are of the same value a tie is declared and the player can choose one of two options; he can surrender or go to war. If the player chooses to go to war, he needs to place another bet equal in value or more than the initial bet. Three cards for each the player and the dealer are then discarded, this is called burning the cards and then a fourth card is drawn for both the player and the dealer. The highest casino-war-play-now-banner-soldier-silhouettevalue card wins. The game is as simple as it sounds and at many of the online casinos is also offered as a play for fun game giving the player a chance to try out the game before placing real money bets. Because the game is so easy to play and does not require much input from the player he is able to do other things while playing casino war. He can pet his cat, drink his morning coffee and even glance at the morning newspaper all while playing casino war. Petting a cat is actually very soothing and enjoyable and something that keeps the player calm while enjoying the online casino games. The cats are unobtrusive creatures that return the love they are given with loyalty and comfort and of course companionship. The cat also keeps the player happy and a happy player is able to perform his tasks much better and with more gusto and a positive attitude, something that benefits the player’s game of casino war. The popularity of casino war online is increasing because it is so easy to play and of course the player is able to do so many other things at the same time.

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