The dreaded 404 Error

I’m not the most computer savvy of individuals: in fact, one could venture as far as to say that I’m technologically challenged. So the words “ERROR 404” are something I am rather more used to seeing than I’d like. What a 404 error means is that you’ve asked your poor PC for a page that simply is not available on the site you’re currently browsing.

It could be that there’s a link that’s broken or maybe even been entirely removed from the site. When the browser can’t find anything to give you, it’s only choice is to say “Sorry dude, I give up.” in the form of a 404 error code.

This code response is an HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol standard status code. The “Not Found” lets you know that your internet connection is find, because you’re communicating with the server, the problem is that either it just couldn’t find what you were after, or it’s not configured to find what you were after. Especially if you are online and want to play online casino games it is not something you want to see. If a “Server Not Found” error pops up instead of a 404, there’s an issue with your internet connection as opposed to the page being unavailable. Below I’ll go into a little more detail about what the 404 part of a 404 error actually means.

The first 4 in 404 means a client error. The server is telling you that you made a boo boo, like misspelling something, or asking for a page that no longer exists. The middle digit, the 0, means a general syntax mess up or possible a spelling mistake. The last 4 refers to an error in the group pg 40x. The World Wide Web Consortium has stated very clearly that this error code should only be used in cases where the server has failed to find the location that you wanted and isn’t quite sure which end is up really. For instance, when a page has been permanently removed from the internet because it just wasn’t cool enough (or a host of other, far more feasible reasons) the error code should be 410. But naturally, the people of internet land hardly ever adhere to their own rules and 404 has become an excuse for a whole host of errors. Fortunately, Online Casinos have designed and built their websites to ensure that the dreaded 404 error is one that will never interrupt your free online gambling time.

As you’ve no doubt notices, folks have a lot of time on their hands. The customization of these error pages has turned one of the most irritating internet experiences you could possibly have into…well, a marginally les irritating one, simply by adding entertainment value by customizing the error page. You might get Eric Cartman hurling profanities across your screen, or a snarky message from some unknown smart ass about how you broke the internet machine, you’ll never know till it happens!

How to fix a 404 not found error

There can be nothing more frustrating than getting a 404 not found error. Although many sites go the extra mile by making their pages amusing, it doesn’t divert from the fact that you cannot find what you were looking for. However, not all is lost! There are few things that you can do to try and get it to work again.

  • Simply refresh the webpage. Sometimes all your page needs is a simple reload.
  • Retype the URL in the address bar. It sounds a bit silly but this often works.
  • Try and look for the page on a search engine such as Google. There is a chance that you typed in the wrong URL. URL’s can also be changed and the one you are using is no longer correct.
  • Clear your browser cache. You can also clear the browser cookies that are associated with the website that you are looking for.
  • Try and move up a directory level in the URL. This can sometimes help you find what you were looking for.
  • Contact the website directly. If the website has just moved the page they might not be aware that people are not able to find it.
  • You can try and change the DNS servers that your computer uses. However, it is important that you only try this if the entire website is giving you problems. Use your tablet or your phone to check if the site is available on other networks.
  • Be patient. Getting a 404 not found error can leave you frustrated and irritated. Take your time and you’ll soon find a solution to your problem.

A 404 not found error does not necessarily mean that the page does not exist. Using our tips will help you find your website in no time.

A good 404 Error page should have a little info on it for those of us less technologically informed.
1) The error message is written out in common English, not crazy technological terms.
2) The tone of the message is apologetic.
3) There is a spell check provided for you to make sure your spelling of the URL is correct.
4) The page should link you to help files or FAQ’s.
5) There should be an email to contact the webmaster if necessary and no online gambling or other time wasting.
6) There should be no adverts displayed on the page, after all you aren’t there so be sold things. You’re there because you need to e redirected to the correct page.

Well there you have all you really need to know about that pesky 404 error. Even though it’s annoying as hell, it’s not ENTIRELY pointless. Happy surfing!

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